Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Braided Beard

Sir, why do you braid your beard? I suppose nothing is wrong with a beard, but why would you grow a beard and then take the time to loop and weave it into a braid? You simply look absurd. You couldn't possibly attract a woman with a beard like that. Do you think you can attract a woman with a beard like that? I doubt you can get even get friends aside from a pet rodent or that chipmunk that scurries across your deck. Even then, you're lucky, vermin have bad eye sight and if they saw that braided beard they would probably gnaw through electrical wires to kill themselves. Can you even accomplish daily tasks? I'd find myself stroking the beard all day. Not because I like it, just because it's there. You're weird.


william e mills said...

Fuck you. I braid my beard. Lots of people braid their beards because we ride motorcycles. If you say that around a club member you will get educated. An by the way i've gotten more pussy with my braided beard than you got from your hand.

william e mills said...

appfuck you i braid my beard.many people who ride braid their beards. you say that to a club member you will get educated.for your own good please be-careful where or when and to whom you speak.

chromepixel said...

I'm looking forward to my boyfriend braiding his.